Our Intention and Mission

365 Women of Hope’s mission:

  • Provide a platform where women who have held on to God and persevered through hard times can be a model of hope and lift up other women who are struggling, hurting, and wishing life was different. 
  • For those struggling to see that they are not alone, they do not need to face anything alone, and that they are stronger than they ever realized. 
  • To empower women to share God’s refuge, love, and strength and to hold up other women in both triumphs and tragedies. 

For the hurting women-  has life handed you a situation that you never wanted, couldn’t have imagined you’d face in your life, and you just want to put your head under a pillow and pretend it has not happened to you?

If so…. please know…… 1) you are not alone in this; 2) you have women all around you that are beacons of inspiration;  3) you are stronger and more capable than you can probably ever imagine at this point; 4) through your own vulnerability, other women will share what they’ve overcome and how God elevated them from things that will completely shock you; and…..5) this is the most important and key point — that by reaching out to God for the first time or holding on tighter than ever to your current faith, that God can, and will, not only bring you through this but HE will transform you into a woman with a life you never imagined possible before. It is possible! Have HOPE and BELIEVE!


For the healers- if you have been one of the these hurting women at some point in your life, experienced a struggle so painful and horrible that you never imagined yourself able to move beyond it, much less become elevated by it, then you have a gift to share. If you held on or reached out to God to lift you upon your weary feet, carry you forward in life, and deliver you to become a woman and have a future that you never envisioned for yourself- then you have something to share.   Go to the the menu item DEVOTIONAL BOOK OPPORTUNITY to see if you are called to share your story as a gift of hope in GOD for other struggling women.

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