I am not a professional writer, I am not a professional blogger, I am someone that God saw crumpled on her bedroom floor crying out for him to give her the strength she needed to stand from the floor and go out of that room to her giggling kids and be the mother, the woman, and person that was needed in the midst of a terrible storm of life. I am a woman who held tight to my faith, strengthened my faith over time by the need to surrender it all when everything seemed hopeless, and who God has tasked with sharing this hope to other hurting women.

God’s messages of strength, trust, faith, hope, and surrender are all around you in the lives of other women who walk as a woman of hope. God took their pain and through events in their life, that they never would have asked for, he gave them a soul, spirit, and life of a woman they never would have imagined! The mission of the blog and book is to allow God’s beauty in their transformation and hope to provide strength for the hurting to reach out, hold on, and trust in the Lord.

Ladies, you who walk each day as a testimony to God’s deliverance, beauty, promises, and steadfast love please pray and consider sharing your story for others. If after prayer, you are lead to share your journey as a sign of hope for other women suffering in life then please email 365womenofhope@gmail.com to discuss being a part of a devotional of hope.

Out of my distress I prayed to the Lord, and the Lord answered me, and set me free!” Psalm 118:5 (ESV)